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Galaxy Support provides excellent care and disability support services that are appropriate for your needs. With us, you are safe, secure and valued.

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About Us

Galaxy Support Gives the Best Disability Support Services Near You!

Galaxy Support is a dedicated team of disability care providers that aim to provide the best disability support services for your aging loved ones or people living with disabilities.  We uphold these core values when giving our services: integrity, accountability, respect, and trust


We deliver honest services and results to our clients. Our words and claims come from the fruit of hard work shown by our team of disability workers and from all of the members of the company.


We are responsible for all our clients and accountable to their families. This drives us to provide the best disability support services for your loved ones.


Our team of disability providers are trained to show utmost respect to their clients, their families and co-workers. We believe that respect plays a major role in being the best in our field. 


Relationships are strongly bonded with trust. In this line of work, we create relationships with our clients and their families. We provide professional yet compassionate service that makes us trustworthy to our clients.


We are a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne that aims to hear these words from our clients:
“ Finally! We found the best disability support services near me!”


Are You Looking for the Best Disability and Aged Care Services?


Look no further! Galaxy Support has a great list of disability and aged care services. Your aging loved ones and those with disabilities have the chance to meet new friends and do new things. Moreover, we also help them in developing their social and community connection through our Community Participation activities.  We also deploy a holistic approach in delivering our support services. Our clients are physically, mentally, socially and emotionally supported by our caring service providers. Give us a call so you can be part of our growing family!


Accommodation Tenancy

Galaxy Support can help you find a safe and secure private rental or public housing of your choice.


Support Coordination

We are here to assist you in acquiring informal and formal support that you will need to achieve your life goals.


Assist Personal Activities

Galaxy Support is equipped to provide the best personal care for you.


Travel or Transport Assistance

With your NDIS transport fund, we can help you travel with ease to and from your appointments.


Daily Tasks Shared Living and Respite

Galaxy Support offers caregivers their well-deserved break while we care for their elders and loved ones with disabilities.


Development Life Skills Training

We can train you in different life skills such as using public transportation, shopping and cooking.


Household Tasks

Galaxy Support aims to give our clients a safe and clean environment by helping them do household chores.


Participate Community

We plan social outings to support our clients’ social interaction because it is beneficial to their emotional and mental health.


Group and Center Activities

Galaxy Support creates group activities inside the centre so our clients can interact and form camaraderie.

Who We Are

What Are the Characteristics of a Great Disability Provider?

Anyone can be a disability support worker but not anyone can be the best at it. We all know that anyone willing can work as a disability provider without formal education. However, most companies ask for proof of training that you can get from accredited training centers. Aside from these technicalities, you need to have certain qualities to excel in this career. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the experience and qualifications of Galaxy Support  disability service providers. We are proud to say that…

  • We are patient and very understanding when it comes to interacting with our clients with disabilities. In addition to that, we extend unconditional support and help because their feelings and thoughts matter to us. 
  • We treat our patients as family. Our aim is to support all the achievements they want to unlock for themselves in spite of their disabilities. We care for their welfare genuinely. 
  • We are responsible for the well being of our clients. All activities and support we give are individualised and appropriate for each of their needs. 
  • We respect all our clients and their families. This is a key step for us to have a bonded relationship and to work harmoniously.  


Here at Galaxy Support, every client is important and prioritised — no one is left behind!

Get the Right Kind of NDIS Support.
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Galaxy Support is your partner in getting the most out of your NDIS plan. We cover a wide range of NDIS support categories and our support workers are adequately trained and experienced to meet your needs. Talk to us to get started!

Why Choose Us

Resting and taking a break is a luxury for some. This can be the case for the caregivers of family members that are ageing or living with disabilities. Most of the time, they experience feeling burned out. This can affect their efficiency as a caregiver. 

Galaxy Support understands your dilemma as a caregiver. This is why we are here to offer the best disability respite services you need.  This will benefit both you and your loved ones.  Rest assured that you are leaving them in good hands while you recharge.

We Are the Disability Services Providers You Can Trust

Galaxy Support is committed to giving support services for people with disabilities in an honest and respectful manner. We apply an effective course of actions in delivering our services.

Disability Provider | Galaxy Support
Affordable Price

We believe that disability support services must be accessible for all. With that, we offer affordable yet quality services.

Best Service

Each of our disability service providers is equipped with proper training in order to deliver the best work for their clients.

Disability Services Providers | Galaxy Support
Best Service

Each of our disability service providers is equipped with proper training in order to deliver the best work for their clients.

Disability Service Providers | Galaxy Support
Expert Team

Our services are planned and executed by qualified and excellent disability services providers in Melbourne.

Join Our Family and Experience Working With Our Excellent Disability Worker

“Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, And working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

The quote above expresses the importance of teamwork within a group of people. Here at Galaxy Support, we create the best relationship among our care providers and with our clients. We look forward to achieving the same mission and vision for our company and most importantly, for our client’s welfare. 

A disability worker can change the lives of their client. It is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging careers in our community. It entails heavy physical work in terms of assisting clients with disabilities in their mobility and daily life tasks. As such, we strive to maintain the emotional strength to understand our clients’ different personalities and history. Lastly, this role hones our mental capabilities in facing challenges and difficult situations. Each Galaxy Support staff is quick-witted and resourceful in handling every circumstance. 

Galaxy Support envisions the company to be one of the leading NDIS providers in Melbourne. This is achievable together with the help of our dedicated disability workers and amazing clients. 

At Galaxy Support, WE ARE FAMILY. Contact 0481522816 to begin an amazing journey with us!


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